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Who Dunit?

After an initial meeting to uncover your gossip, intrigue and foibles, we turn even the smallest amount of information into a COMEDY CLASSIC! After that, your life is in our hands!

On the night, actors mingle with the guests in cocktails - faces you know but can't quite place. How do they know so much about you all?

Suddenly, a passionate outburst! The first death! The Detective drops his disguise and the interrogation begins. Are you a suspect? Is anyone safe?

Into dinner and you're on a hilarious rollercoaster of accusations and insinuations. Through our inspired plots, the revelations pile up. No one can outwit the detective - he knows things about you even your best friend wouldn't reveal ... until now!

Admit it, you've always wanted to see your boss murdered - now's your chance!

For a dinner with a difference, a 'sure fire' hit that will leave you dying for more ...

Just complete our inquiry form and we will get back to you in the flash of a policeman's badge.

The Plot

Do you see yourself as a 1920s flapper girl or a medieval knight ? Our Murder Me Nicely Murder Mystery can be themed any way you choose, here are a few of our recently themed events.

A Vintage Murder

At a 'magnificent chateau' the guests attending Lord Lafite's annual mystery wine tasting thought that the deduction process was complete, but it had only just begun. The 1961 Chateau Margaux in her Ladyship's glass had been poisoned. An evening of hilarious insinuations and accusations begins as the glass crashes to the floor. A murder for the discerning palette.

Medieval Murder Mystery

King Richard the Lion Heart and his brave knights of the round table have returned after many years at the Crusades. In celebration of their triumphant home-coming Sir Rodney Roddrickson invites the noble Lords and Ladies from surrounding Shires to Castle Limpalot, for an evening of feasting, mirth and merriment. Shortly into the celebrations an argument erupts between Maid Madeline and one of the serving wenches. Sir Dudley Doublet quickly intervenes. Fearing the festivities will be ruined Sir Rodney orders the entertainments begin. Suddenly Maid Madeline slumps to the floor, unable to speak she takes her last breath. Clenched in one hand a tankard of poisoned mead, the other points towards the crowd of guests. But who is she pointing at? Maid Madeline knew secrets that could send many to the dungeons. A Raucous Romp to a Mystical Age. Can you solve this Medieval Murder Mystery ?

Prohibition Murder

Chicago, 1920, the grand opening of Gangland boss Tony Tortellini's new speakeasy. The joints full, illegal gambling tables and bootleg liquor the main attraction for this rowdy crowd of Mafia dons, henchmen and their molls. In the background the rhythmic tones of a Jazz band can just be heard. Two moody gangsters, Frankie Fettuccini and Larry Linguini check the tables for any slight of hand. As Fat Sam takes to the stage the place is plunged in to darkness, a shrill scream echoes around the club. Seconds later the lights go back on, Tallulah Hula, Tony's latest squeeze is lying dead on the floor. Will the murderer be found? Will Justice be served?

and MUCH MUCH more ......


Discovery of dead body

The suspects argue

Murder Mystery Victim

Interrogation Terror

Interrogation Laughter

Happy clients at our Murder Mystery Event

Past Victims

Make Contact

Please call or email us to receive further information on our
Murder Me Nicely
Murder Mystery events

Our Murder Me Nicely Murder Mystery event is suitable for a minimum of 12 guests.

Tel: 07000 274554
Fax: 07000 274555


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